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STOLBAR Woodworking Shop


Established on 2 October 1981, STOLBAR Woodworking Shop is one of the first craft workshops in Poland. The enterprise owes its name to a combination of the industry name and the last name of the proprietor. The name was devised by the family, the company has its own brand, and members of the family are also involved in its activities.

It was the owner’s childhood dream to have his own business. As a nature lover, he has always wanted to create things made of wood that would require craftsmanship. Upon graduating from school with flying colors, he was awarded the title of master joiner and teacher of the profession: all of this for the sole purpose of fulfilling his dreams. Even during those difficult times for small businesses, he tried to find his own way.

Starting out as a small workshop, the company expanded every year, even though the machinery was hard to get, as finding a good joiner proved to be a difficult task. Nevertheless, the employment rate was on the rise. STOLBAR employed joiners from the old school of craftsmanship and young individuals learning the profession. The company managed to provide training to dozens of apprentices, and many of them have worked in the joinery to this day.

The workshop manufactured all types of furniture and delivered complex services, continuously adjusting to customers’ needs, tastes, and the changing fashion trends.

As the company was performing well, the owner set the primary goal as manufacturing natural wood furniture, especially from oak. In the process of continuously developing his education, he passed his knowledge on to his son, who spent his childhood watching and helping his father. He took over the joinery in 1999 with a great passion for the work, even surpassing that of his father. The new owner modernized the machinery park and introduced new technologies, but remained faithful to his father’s ideals, concepts, and way of living.

At present, there is virtually no product that the company is unable to manufacture. What matters most is customer satisfaction and the fact that they seek our services again and again. By showing appreciation and respect in conducting our business, we have won many regular customers both in Poland and worldwide.

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